Forget searching through endless menus for that tiny icon of the object you need, all objects in ZenChart are created by automatic recognition of on-screen drawing and gestures.


Take advantage of six unique shapes, eight types of connectors, and easy connector branching to model your ideas, no matter how complex they may become. Rich styling options bring sublety to your ideas.


Based on top of OpenGL, ZenChart is blazing fast. There is virtually no lag between where your finger goes and what you see on-screen. ZenChart will not lag behind your ideas.


The no-nonesense design aesthetic and powerful features of ZenChart make it the perfect tool to use in the workplace. Impress your clients and coworkers with how efficient and polished your work is.


ZenChart is designed to autosave after your every move. Never lose work, even if the app crashes midway or your iPad runs out of battery. Oh, and there are also limitless levels of undo.


Be confident in choosing ZenChart, because the documents you create in ZenChart can be exported as images, PDF files, and Powerpoint PPTX files. ZenChart is the perfect addition to your workflow.